Discover the exciting Escape Room in Overijssel: Hacked

A group of hackers is currently engaged in the biggest identity fraud ever. They have it on personal data of innocent civilians and have several secret locations, spread all over the world. They use the data they steal to gain access to everything, but then don't really pay for anything. The accounts accumulate at such a rapid rate...

Due to the growing number of tourists, the hackers have lately mainly foreseen on Giethoorn. They book holiday homes, dinners and round trips, but all in other people's names. As a result, people are unfairly accused of hacking. Evidence has been found that there is a secret hacker location near the Eetcafé and Holiday Park Giethoorn, but the exact location is still untraceable. For this you need help! The park manager is looking for people who have fallen victim to the fraud or want to prevent it. Any help with the investigation is welcome.

Are you being hacked?
Reserve quickly and make sure the identity fraud is stopped within 90 minutes!

Hacked is made possible by the escape game Prison Break Paasloo, escaperoom De Slager van Oldemarkt and Eetcafé Giethoorn Burgers & Grill. The game always starts and ends in or at Eetcafé Giethoorn Burgers & Grill. The game is played throughout the year.

- Playtime: 90 minutes
- Maximum 8 persons
- €125,00 per game
- Good for teambuilding

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