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🚘 18 minutes 🚲36 minutes
Blokzijl is a former Zuiderzee town. It is located in the heart of National Park Weerribben Weden. Blokzijl has a rich trading history. From here peat used to be transported throughout the Netherlands. Today Blokzijl is primarily a tourist attraction! In the unique harbor basin it is pleasantly crowded throughout the season. With a wide range of restaurants and stores, you will not be bored.

🚘 19 minutes 🚲41 minutes
Cosiness and hospitality, you experience it in Meppel. The city that sparkles and where the Meppel tower is the proud centerpiece of the characteristic city center. You are surrounded by beautiful monumental buildings, the canals and many bridges. Stroll through the cozy shopping streets and enjoy the atmospheric squares.

🚘 31 minutes 🚲1.5 hours
Zwolle! The bustling Heart City where a rich history goes hand in hand with modern art and trendy coffee bars. In this beautiful center with a star-shaped city canal you can stroll, shop, eat and visit cultural hotspots for hours. Within the Zwolle city canal and city walls you will come across one icon after another: icons such as the Sassenpoort and the Peperbus. Cultural gems like Museum de Fundatie and the Herman Brood Experience. You can also enjoy the Netherlands' most famous three-star restaurant, De Librije. And all within the star-shaped ring of canals; but Zwolle is also more than worth a visit outside.

🚘 41 minutes 🚲2 hours
Lemmer is a beautiful village in the southwestern part of Friesland. Lemmer is one of the most popular water sports towns in Friesland this because of its location on the Frisian lakes and the Ijsselmeer. Tourists come to lemmer to store in the Kortestreek, the Nieuwedijk and the Langestreek and so Lemmer also has numerous attractions. A ''must see'' in Lemmer is the UNESCO world heritage lr. D.F. Woudagemaal, the largest still functioning steam pumping station in the world! Just outside the center is the beach of Lemmer with a lovely beach pavilion making it a wonderful place to stay. From the beach of Lemmer you can take a dip in the Ijsselmeer.